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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 11, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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kirsten powers and rick degree nel. keep right here. we'll see you for another edition of fox news watch. >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> heather: topping the news, the white house on the defense over the reaction to the benghazi terror attack that killed four americans. so who really knew what and when? we investigate. >> gregg: plus two astronauts making a daring spacewalk today attempting to fix a serious leak on the international space station. >> heather: and he may be a prince but today britain's prince harry shining the spotlight on wounded veterans to make sure they get the recognition they deserve.
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we are live from the warrior game. >> gregg: we began with new fallout on the admission by the i term revenue service, apologizing for targeting conservative political groups for extra scrutiny during the 2012 election. they say, quote, we made some mistakes, but her acknowledgement to calm the outrage in the nation's capitol. >> molly: one congressman, darrell issa already is promising an investigation. issa said in a statement, quote, the fact that americans were targeted by the irs because of their political beliefs is unconscionable. the committee will follow up on the report and hold responsible officials accountable for this
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political retaliation. he wants to know why the irs schkd out various conservative groups for extra scrutiny my ni during the 2012 election year as they applied for takes exempt status because they had words like tea party or patriot in their name. lois learner insists it was simply a way, albeit an inappropriate way, to categorize groups for this ex zblemgs that was wrong and it was insensitive and inappropriate. that is not how we go about selecting cases for further review. >> molly: learner said there was no, quote, political bias to review these groups. tea party leaders are not convinced and they think the apology is fair enough. they want some kind of punishment for those that made the decisions. >> these people need to be terminated or they need to resign. its clear abuse of power.
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unelected public servants are supposed to serve our citizenry. and they in charge of their little kingdom. we don't have kings. >> jay carney says if the targeting did take place the president would want to the matter to, quote, thoroughly investigated. >> gregg: all right. molly, thanks very much. amid growing calls for a government wide investigation into the irs, maybe some resignations, we're going to talk a little bit later on whether a special prosecutor is actually needed to get to the bottom of what happened and whether any federal crimes were committed. don't go away. >> heather: there are new developments in the benghazi scandal. the white house is launching a new defend of the government's official assessments of the deadly terror attack. according to reports, newly
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leaked email excerpts show a string of changes to talking points that apparently scrubbed references to al-qaeda. doug mckelway has the latest from washington. >> reporter: really tough day for jay day any yesterday. for the first time since the benghazi attack happened. white house press corps and not just fox ganged up on him. that 12 revisions were made in the benghazi talking points, first issued by the c.i.a. the first draft said, quoting, we do know that islamic extremists with ties to al-qaeda participated in the attack. the final draft which u.n. ambassador susan rice made no mention of al-qaeda. her remarks attributing to the anti-islam film. here is one of his attempts to explain that. >> we knew based on the intelligence that extremists were involved. there were suspicions about what
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affiliations those extremists might have, but there was not hard concrete evidence. >> bob: zbloor one of the people at the center, victoria newland. in emails obtained by the weekly standard and abc, she objects to the wording of repeated warnings about the deteriorating situation in benghazi. early draft could be abused by members of congress to beat up the state department for not paying attention to warnings. why would we wanted to find that either? and when it included references to an islam group, we don't want to prejudice the investigation. the changes in talking points didn't go far enough for, quote by building's leadership. when asked about the benghazi affair, nancy pelosi said much of what is being said by my colleagues simply isn't true. congressional investigators are said to be interviewing more whistleblowers.
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>> heather: thanks, doug. >> gregg: fox news alert, astronauts just wrapping up a six-hour emergency spacewalk outside the international space station. nasa saying they have replaced successfully a cooling pump and it was perform solidly. they discovered the leak on thursday. nasa has never before staged such a fast and impromptu spacewalk. coming up, we'll out how dangerous the problem really was with our managing editor. stay tuned for that. >> heather: we have new developments to tell you about in the ohio kidnapping case. the man accused of holding three women captives in his home for about a decade, he could be charged with more than just rape and kidnapping. they say ariel castro, he raped his victims and then he terminated their pregnancies by
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force. if they managed to seek murder charges, he could face the death penalty. live in cleveland with the latest the story that becomes more troubling by the day. >> reporter: prosecutor a prosecutor gave us a glimpse of the case guns ariel castro. he intends to seek charges for each and every act of sexual violence, every miscarriage and every single baby three women were held in captivity. now castro is alone and as i lighted in a small cell. he is under a suicide prevention watch. they are constantly watching him outside his cell. they announced yesterday that results of a dna test confirm that castro is the father of the berry's six-year-old daughter. bolstering the case against castro making one of the rape charges that he faces is close
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to a done deal. authorities have also ran his dna through matches to see if matches any other crimes. but the f.b.i. is also processing that dna through the national database to see if there were crimes committed anywhere necessarily the country. three women he held in captivity they are continuing the process of healing. amanda berry and g did he ze looking for privacy. michelle knight was released from the hospital and seen or spoken to her family. >> heather: let's hope she is reunited soon we are praying for her together. thank you so much. >> gregg: i want to tell you about this armed robbery, an armed standoff in new hampshire. new jersey. this was the scene in trenton. they are continuing to negotiate with a man that is holding
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hostages. it begin yesterday. a mother and child have been killed and three children are being held captive inside. homes around the area have been evacuated. we'll get you updates as soon as we receive more information. >> heather: another small town incident grabbing national attention. take a look at this. a man stealing a bulldozer and literally driving through the neighborhood. this is in washington state. you can see the destruction from the aerial footage. four homes damaged and truck completely destroyed. all of this happened during a widespread power outage yesterday. the suspect was, quote, angry and he is now charged with malicious mischief. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> gregg: there is a new report that investigators are looking into the possibility that the boston bombing suspects may be linked to a triple murder back
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on september 11th, 2011. authorities say quote, mounting forensic evidence tie the tsarnaev brothers. the bodies of these three men found inside a home in massachusetts, their throats were slit and bodies covered in marijuana. one of the victims have said to have been close friends with the older tsarnaev brother. they say cellphone records also place the brothers in the area when the murders were committed. >> heather: how about a positive update. >> gregg: we could use it. >> heather: this is one of boston bombing victims jeff but a man. he has been sent home from the hospital. you will no doubt recall this image with a cowboy hat. he will now continue his recovery at home. he credited with helping police identify one of the suspects.
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>> gregg: you might want to have your umbrella ready. shaping up to be a rather soaking saturday. showers and strong thunderstorms drenching or will drench the mid-atlantic and northeast area. what about mother's day? janice dean, mother herself is live in the weather center? >> yes. we do have some wet weather across the northeast. even some snow, if you can believe it. a lot of mothers are going, i don't need to see snow on my day. across the u.p. of michigan into northern michigan, there we have it. this is not accumulating snow, but it's just a reminder that old man winter still has a grip on us in may. we do have couple of cold fronts one managed moved through the mid-atlantic and severe thunderstorm warning for new jersey. slight risk for north carolina
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all the way tiop new york city. this cold front interacting with warm, humid air and potential for winds. we could see a lot of hail and even isolated tornadoes. that is something we're going to keep an eye on throughout the evening. future radar, one cold front exists. another one moves through cold enough for snow upstate new york to make people scratch their head, is it may or february? your lows, cold air sinking in from canada and the great lakes and parts of the northeast, as well. it's going to be warm across the south and southwest where they are dealing with temperatures in the hundreds as we head into the new workweek. taking a look at highs tomorrow. the west, much of the west very dry and warm. the cool air will continue across the great lakes and northeast and just to wrap this one up, it's going to be a hot mama forecast for mother's day. 99 degrees in phoenix.
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everyone will giving their moms a cool drink by the pool. >> gregg: we'll take that over the snow. >> heather: coming up the questions keep on coming about azi as a new report reveals there were at least a dozen different versions of the official talking points. many of the changes would not made by the intelligence community. we'll talk about that and what is next in the controversy. >> gregg: plus, the irs gives a mea culpa admitting to unfairly targeting conservative groups during the 2012 election. is it time to bring in a special prosecutor? were crimes committed here? >> royal show of support for special people. prince harry taking part in the wounded warrior games. we'll have a live report. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her...
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>>. >> gregg: back to our top story. a startling revelation from the internal revenue service, testing up to targeting conservative groups by giving extra scrutiny by. the official that oversees that
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group giving a big apology. take a listen. >> some people did not use good judgment. some of the applicants had to wait longer than we would hope. for that we are apologetic but we have corrected the issues and wee don't expect any of this will be repeated going forward. >> gregg: so their response is oops, sorry about that. this admission leaving a host of unanswered questions. white house expects the treasury department will investigate to what happened in point of fact they likely know there has been an investigation going on by the inspector general of the treasury department for the last 11 months. but will a special prosecutor be called? jay weinstein is the senior editor of the daily caller. this is stunning. it conjures up images of richard nixon. any group that used the words tea party or patriot were
12:19 pm
targeted by the irs right in the middle of the presidential election. you heard lois learner who heads the division, hey, she says this was not politically driven. does that seem ludicrous? why would conservative groups be targeted? >> it seems ludicrous on its face. also, you have to remember a year before this the head of the irs the internal revenue service came before congress said no way was this happening. now, we find out on friday kind an off the cuff remark at a tax conference that in fact they were targeting conservative groups with patriot and tea party in it. she may be very right with her explanation. she may be telling the truth. white house may be right in saying they had nothing to do with it. but there needs to be an investigation on capitol hill. we already know that two committees in the house, one to do investigations into this. i think there is going to be a
12:20 pm
lot more in the weeks ahead. >> gregg: in point of fact, you mentioned it, the irs commissioner no other commissioner, but he told congress the following. he said there is absolutely no targeting. now, we know he was either incredibly misinformed or there was some covering up. lerner is blaming these low level agents. yet they haven't been fired. no disciplinary action taken. does that make it more suspicious that the abuse of pow goes higher? >> this is very serious matter targeting a political group by the irs, that is serious business. you should not be seen only in isolation. about a year ago "wall street journal" reported a gentlemen named frank vander sloot who is
12:21 pm
donating to romney, he was on list of that the president campaigned targeting for donating to romney and unseemly businessman. even though they hadn't done anything wrong other than give to an opponent in the campaign. it learned soon after that he was audited by the irs and labor department he is one of the biggest landowners by employees he has on his land. this is series of suspicious incidents. i concede there could be nothing political to them but we need to investigate them because this is serious allegations. >> gregg: an urgent bulletin crossed the associated press that says they got their hands on an advanced draft of the inspector general of treasure's department report. it says that lerner knew as far as back june of 2011, two years ago that this was going on.
12:22 pm
yet she allows her boss. commissioner of the irs to testify there is no targeting? she may well lose her job because, look, abuse of government power is a federal crime. neither the white house or eric holder's justice department is asking for a special prosecutor here. is there a sense that this thing is evolving and it could really mushroom and leadership on capitol hill, maybe john boehner is going to call for a special prosecutor? >> that is stunning what you just said. it just came across the wires. in 2011, as you mentioned, her boss came in 2012 and said absolutely not this has been happening. there will be a lot of things that will be found out during the investigation. this is one of the things that came across the wire. i think heads are going to roll here. >> gregg: let me read the one line. reported says head of the irs division that oversees tax exempt groups that is loislerner
12:23 pm
learned that groups were being targeted two years ago and she has known it all along. jamie, thanks very much. >> heather: switching gears for a moment, prince harry spending the third day with some inspiring athletes. playing volleyball with wounded service members in today's warriors games in colorado. paul harrison in s live in colorado springs. >> reporter: just in the last few mints we have had prince harry joined by brad snyder the swimmer and missy franklin as the three lighting the flame of the fourth warrior games. there is one or two speeches going on but the excitement and anticipation really is quitele s together to prepare for the
12:24 pm
beginning of these games. for as much lit and that essentially signifies the start. prince harry has been attending a lunch and quite interest to go hear some of the things he was saying. he said specifically i have witnessed bravery firsthand in the field of battle but it's the bravery of those who face the consequences of being in battle, those who were injured. it's that bravery that i respect and admire the most. that is essentially why prince harry is here today. he has absolutely passionately for those injured in theater. we saw prince harry meeting the british team, 35 strong british team in volleyball. he got involved. he threw himself he may be third in line in the throne but he can't help himself getting
12:25 pm
involved in something like this. >> heather: it ser the sli a good cause. paul harrison, thank you. >> gregg: is mission accomplished on the international space station. they successfully fixed a leak and making history. new dlts on the big spacewalk next. >> millions of people heading to the polls for pakistan's elections. this will be the first democratic handover of power but also one of deadliest elections ever. we'll have a live report. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. white house reportedly scrambling to contain the latest fallout from the benghazi scandal. according to reports released email excerpts what critics are
12:30 pm
describing as the watering down of the intelligence community's report on that attack. heavy smoke forcing the evacuation of the west wing of the white house. a spokesperson saying a transformer overheated in the mechanical room. first family was not affected. nobody was injured. an advisory board in newtown, connecticut approving a plan to tear down sandy hook elementary school. 20 children and six adults were killed at the school in december. proposal goes to the local school board. >> heather: a fox news alert for you. astronauts on the international space station just wrapping up a six hour spacewalk and making history today. the crew successfully replaced a pump fixing a leak in the station's cooling system. astronauts noticed the problem on thursday when they spotted frozen flakes of leaked coolant. nasa orchestrating the spacewalk in 48 hours.
12:31 pm
fastest ever for the space station crew. so how serious was this problem? managing editor of and joins us to talk more about it. how dangerous was this mission for these astronauts? >> it wasn't dangerous to the crew. it wasn't going to put their lives at risk or anything. but the space station needs power and has a huge solar array and generates heat. it has to stay cool. this problem, basically knocked out one of those power channels. that would have been a problem for the station. nasa would like to get it's fixed as soon as possible and they did. it was an amazing thing to see that two days later. they take weeks to plan the spacewalks. they worked together before on a different mission, but took it
12:32 pm
head-on. >> heather: what made it dangerous, normally a mission like you say would take weeks to plan. this was short notice. one of the astronauts is slated to come home monday. >> that's right. he is in that mindset. i've been up there five months. i got my stuff packed up. wait, we need you to go outside and do something. spacewalks are dangerous because you are going outside of the space station. when you are going out that quickly there is a chance of a mistake or something worse. that is one thing we were watching. they seemed to really buzz through it but being very careful. at one point. making sure i'm looking up so you don't float away. >> heather: what about the longevity of the space station itself? >> it is quite old, it was built in 1998. it's more an decade old now. nasa and partners think it's
12:33 pm
going to 2020. they could stretch it out further. this year, the station is going hit the mak, 15 years, that is long as the mir space station was decommissioned. long than sky lab. that was only six years. it has long lifetime. >> heather: the united states is talking about sending people to mars, what about that? >> mars for nasa is ultimate destination. part of the current administration's plan is to look to a manned mars mission in the 20 30s. on monday i had a chance to talk with buzz aldrin, he thinks we can do it faster than that. he sees that we could send people to mars probably in the early 2030s. stop on the moon first.
12:34 pm
they have two moons and do a lot of experiments there. iron out the kinks and he wants to see someone land on mars by 2035. there is also two private companies, mars one and they want to do it faster. >> heather: and virgin galactic, richard branson's efforts? >> this is in the background almost ten years now. they are building a spaceship that will take passengers and buy tickets. >> heather: it's unbelievable. this is within reality. >> test flights two or three weeks ago. they went supersonic. all they have to do now is point it up. >> heather: amazing. thank you so much for joining us. amazing stuff.
12:35 pm
gregg? >> gregg: vote counting is underway right now in pakistan despite threats and violence there that have claimed so far 20 lives. pakistanis head to the polls under a heavy blanket of security for a general election marking an historic transfer of power. coner powell joins us live from pakistan. >> this is first time that one civilian government will hand over power to another civilian government. military rule has interrupted civilian governments in the past six or so decades. today there was more violence. more than 130 people have been killed in the lead up to the vote. at least 17 died today many from attacks by pakistan fighters. there have been reports of reports of irregularities.
12:36 pm
people's party led by a incumbent president and also the pakistani muslim league headed by two term who has been prime minister twice. a third party led by another person. he is seen as refreshing change. he is also vehemently anti-american to end the u.s. drone program if he is elected. several candidates vowing to rein in america. a lot of vehicles and supplies run through pakistan here into afghanistan. pakistan's military is also the single largest supporter of the taliban, that is contradiction in terms here in terms of ally and enemy. reality no matter who wins today's election. pakistan's powerful military
12:37 pm
apparatus will still remain in pakistan for sometime to come. >> gregg: coner, thanks very much. >> heather: you think college degrees are not worth the investment. you might want to think again. the financial burden outweighs the burden of higher education. who is right? financial expert helps to break it down. >> gregg: new fallout on benghazi on the heels of a report suggesting that internal memos were altered after the deadly attacks. startling contradiction that is sparking new demands nor answers. >> the fact is we have four dead americans, was it a because of a protest or guys out for a walk to kill americans? what difference at this point does it make. on december 17, , the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me?
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suggest that college degrees are no longer worth the financial burden. it argues that college graduates see greater lifetime earnings than the aool graduate. according to the federal reserve bank of new york, though, quarterly student loan debt has a quadrupled in the last ten years. is it really worth it. david nelson chief strat jit gist for bell point management. you are a downer on the idea of college degrees for everybody, but let's put up a graphic. if you go to college, you are going to get a 16% return on your investment. that by anybody's standards is a really good return, isn't it? >> you are looking backwards. unfortunately this th study, it does a disservice because it sterilizes the issue. its personal decision for parents and students.
12:43 pm
the truth is a lot of high school seniors are not ready for college emotionally. they are not sure who they want to be. >> gregg: its social experiment. nothing wrong with that. >> maybe not. if you know i want to be an engineer, you probably prepared for it and go for it. if you don't know, don't go for an education. >> gregg: even if you get a liberal arts education and bachelor's degree, let's put this next graphic. i'm going to get 16% return as opposed to stock average, long term bonds and abysmal 2.2 -- housing less than 1%. it still over a lifetime, even if you consider the payoff of student loans, it's still a good investment? >> former secretary of education for ronald reagan just wrote a
12:44 pm
book, william bennett. he points out that over half of those that go to college don't graduate. of those that do graduate, many end up working in jobs they don't need a college education. there is a disconnect here. looking at graphs and charts, that is great. >> gregg: the only way i can predict the future you have to look at the past. here is more. if you are a in engineering or computer science or math major, put this graphic up. you are going to do really, really well lifetime earnings. even on the low end, humanities, education you are still going to do well, better an high school education. >> like i said, the job market has change. we all know that. it's a very competitive environment out there. employers can be very picky. we get hundreds of applications at my firm every week.
12:45 pm
we're looking at the top minds in finance, we're not looking at the bottom. >> gregg: but you have a great firm. even if you have a second or third tier institution, even a non-competitive school does very well considering lifetime earnings? >> if you don't know who you are yet or what you want to do. >> gregg: i'm still trying to figure that out? >> i guess i am too, but if you are graduating from high school, get a job in the real world. find your passion and treatment dream. then come back and go to school and you will be focused and do a little better. >> gregg: great advice. thanks very much. >> heather: coming up, new questions swirling in washington as a new report reveals that there were a dozen versions of the new administration talking points on benghazi. how could this have happened and
12:46 pm
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>>. >> heather: benghazi talking points gag serious makeover. there were 12 different versions of the administration's account on the terror attack and many came from the state department and not from the intelligence community contradicting what the white house has been saying for months. revisions reportedly include deleting references to an al-qaeda backed group. steven yates is assistant for president of national security
12:51 pm
affairs. thank you for joining us. let's get straight to it. 12 versions but ultimately the state department at least one member of the national security council and the white house were involved in those changes. do you believe the president was involved in the changes? >> we have no evidence the president was involved in changes thus far, but this was not a low level decision made by bureaucrats in the system. the communications messaging exercise. during a presidential campaign that could have involved only the most senior advisors. >> heather: we have four brave americans that are dead and no one under arrest or in jail except for the producer of the youtube video who is still on jail on probation violation. if this had happened in a non-election year, would the messaging, would the response following the attack have been different? was it important for president
12:52 pm
obama's reelection not to include references to al-qaeda or say terrorist attacks? >> i do think they were political and policy issues at stake there that put the campaign in jeopardy. it came at time when the president had a poor debate performance. the issue of being a commander in chief and this light footprint and light security approach to the broader middle east, especially in libya was supposedly a successful model. it was unraveling in a short period of time. >> heather: let's talk about jay carney. he was grilled on friday over the latest information. he said what we said and what remains true to this day is that the intelligence community drafted and redrafted these points. that is quote. administration claimed that the film at this statements were the product of incomplete intelligence and rapidly changed environment but victoria newland spokesperson, she pressed the c.i.a. to scrub references to prior security warnings even the
12:53 pm
c.i.a. director david petraeus says he was surprised all references to al-qaeda and jihadists were removed. what is your response to that? >> i think the idea that the talking points and final version were the result of input from agencies is false. there are no indications that initial assessments that anything other than a terrorist attack and even naming some of the groups involved. the hearings this past week and from this report made clear who was not responsible for providing the false narrative. it did not come from the c.i.a. it did not come from the benghazi consulate. it didn't come from the embassy at tripoli. it came from communication people inside the white house and across the administration. >> heather: clearly gregg hicks his testimony were not what we were led to believe initially. what does congress have to do? >> they have to recall some of
12:54 pm
the more senior people in the state department. congress can be shielded by executive privilege, but there are a lot of people that were involved if the communication circle on that fateful day and responses afterwards. hearings got very close to who was responsible for walking back the narrative on terrorism. we have no indication where on the youtube video come from. the hearings made clear this week that has strategic consequences. it disrupted the nation's government in libya island delayed the f.b.i. investigation. it had has real world consequences and it matters to follow up on that. >> heather: as an answer to hillary clinton's question, what does it matter? it delayed the f.b.i. to get in there, 15-18 days. >> right. during that period of time the situation was picked very clean. there is no way a crime scene sits well in your investigation proceed better over time. no one has been brought forward
12:55 pm
as a lead in custody or leading to further information to narrow the spread of the islamic challenge that took the lives of the people that day. >> heather: should we hear from the obama's administration's chief tom donlan? >> that is very conspicuous. when you have a national security crisis, that is the person who sort of spans the white house and the national security system. in fact he wasn't the person to deliver those talking points instead of susan rice at the time. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. >> gregg: i haven't seen a press secretary get beat up the way jay carney got beat up by the press corps since ron sigler dismissed watergate as a third rate burglary. there wasn't a single reporter to believe a word from jay carney was peddling. he lost a lot of credibility.
12:56 pm
when you are chief spokesman for the president and you have little on or no credibility you are in trouble. that is going to do it for us. on the record special, held hostage, ten years of terror is next.
12:57 pm
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see you back here on monday night. >> greta: tonight, an on the record special. held hostage tenrs of terror. three girls kidnapped and now they years of torture are inside a cleveland basement. >> on one of the mornings you will not soon forget. missing for ten years finally found and today they are free. >> i have a caller on the phone with a female who says she is amanda barry and a she had been kidnapped ten years ago. >> nothing short of a miracle. >> three women missing for ten years found alive.